Start reporting !

Official disturbance reports are the only proof that our elected officials have that something is wrong. Give them that proof. And tell your neighbors - the number of affected households is as important as the overall number of reports. One report a month from a new person makes a huge difference !

(Not on facebook ? Or gmail ? Then create a new google account to use with this website - it's super easy !)

Login just once, enter your name & address, and then make one-click reports that get submitted to sfo.noise. Don't worry, we can't see your password or email or vacation photos - all we can see is your email address.

If you're using a phone, use Add To Home Screen to put an app button right where you need it.

(PS: if you're a Google power-user with multiple accounts, click here to logout and then log back into the account you want to use on stop.jetnoise.)

More information: [README, FAQ]